What is MAP?

The Management Apprentice Program or “MAP” is a program developed by the Business Executives Council to help undergraduate students from the community’s leading universities prepare to enter the business world.  Held semi-annually, students will have the opportunity to network and obtain invaluable career advice from BEC members.

Map Charter

Is to guide students how to navigate their future, from some of the top business leaders in our community today, maximizing opportunities and minimizing missteps!

Why the Need?

MAP was designed to help underclassmen as well as seniors preparing to enter the business world. MAP’s focus is to better understand the students’ career goals, and then the leaders will show them how to navigate their course for success, beginning today.

Benefits to the student:

  • Meet with business executives in their field of interest and ask candid questions
  • Gain invaluable career perspective and advice
  • Develop a relationship with a business mentor

 Benefits to the BEC Member

  • Share your career perspective and all the things you have learned along the way
  • Help current undergraduate students make better career decisions
  • Give back to the business community by helping to develop future leaders

Please contact us to get involved.