I have been a long-time member of the Business Executives Council, which was the former Corporate Finance Council from the 1970’s.    I am a present Advisory Board Member and was on the committee that changed us to the Business Executives Council.  The impetus behind that change was to twofold: to open the membership to business executives outside the financial discipline, and to provide a focus on the mid-market, privately held companies.

The reason I find the Business Executive Council to be an organization I am willing to be an active part of is primarily for the following reasons:

  • By design, we want to keep the group at a relatively small number; around 100 members. With San Diego being a small business community, I find it more enjoying to have a smaller organization that you can really get to know each other.  We have a diverse group of industry and service providers that will have the contacts needed for any referral that you might need.  I look forward to our monthly meetings to spend time with the friends I have developed probably more than the actual meeting speakers (not to discount the quality of our monthly programs)
  • We have a requirement that any service organizations are not supposed to actively market the industry members. It is up to the industry members if they want to approach a given service provider requesting their service.   I have been in other organizations in town that are not that way; the service members are constantly trying to “market” the industry members.
  • Now that it is the Business Executives Council, we focus on problems and solutions facing mid-market privately held companies, which I find more interesting than just focusing on one area (finance, marketing, IT, deal making, capital raising, etc.) that many of the other organizations focus on.

All in all, this is a great group of people, who I have gotten to know.  It is more like a “club” than an organization, yet I find the relationships to be a valuable resource for business.  Come be a part of it!

R. Craig Spitz - Stone Brewing Co.Chief Financial Officer

I have been a member and Past Chair of the Business Executives Council (formerly Corporate Finance Council) since about 1982. I have greatly enjoyed the lasting relationships and friendships that have developed from my membership in BEC. The attendees are very high quality people. It’s a great resource of professionals with varied business acumen to whom you can reach out for advice or support. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my clients and friends to members of the BEC. The speakers have been very interesting and educational. The golf events and cocktail receptions at the Top of the Market and Stone Brewing are always great fun. Another positive is the intimate size of the dinner meetings which allows a better exchange of dialogue. The group is very accepting of new members and guests with genuine efforts to make them feel comfortable and noticed.  All in all, a wonderful business networking group and more.

David Walters - Bank of Southern CaliforniaSenior Vice President, Business Banking

I have been a long standing member of the BEC, and continue my membership largely do to the fact that I appreciate the presentation format; it provides an opportunity to think of business strategy in a creative way.  Additionally, the balance of industry and service professionals also adds to the value (broad network), and the Thursday evening’s early in the month is convenient  to my work schedule.

Gene McGill - VAN CAN CompanyDirector of Finance & Accounting

The Business Executive Council consistently offers outstanding programs that focus on how local companies have grown, changed, been sold and re-invented themselves; told directly from the executives that have personally lived the experience.  It is a wonderful organization that allows members and guests to “break bread” with local business leaders and have an opportunity to learn from each other.

Megan Ahn - Accountants Direct, LLC President

I have been a member of the Business Executive Council (“BEC”) for close to ten years.  It is the only organization where you can hear real San Diego business stories, it is a true reflection of the San Diego business community, friendly and fun.  I am grateful for the lasting relationships I’ve made through the BEC, and look forward to many more.

Jay McCabe, CPA - Bank of America Merrill LynchSVP, Business Development Officer Commercial Banking

Each year I go through an evaluation and assessment of the organizations that I am involved in which allows me to filter those organizations that do not deliver the “Return on Time” equation. I was invited to attend a Business Executives Council dinner meeting by Mickey Lorber who felt that my networking and business experience would be enhanced through an affiliation with the organization. I found the setting to be intimate, refreshing and an excellent blend of service providers, business executives and business owners. A rarity in San Diego. I heartily recommend the BEC experience because it is rewarding, fulfilling and an excellent “ROT”!!

William H. Parker -Tara Jayde Capital Partners, LLC.President & CEO

It has been a pleasure to be a member of The Business Executive Council for the last 2 years.  The main reason I joined the BEC was to improve my business connections within the community.  The meetings deliver thoughtful business speakers which provide value and perspective to my daily activities, its one of the events I  look forward to attending each month.

Eric Morris - IPS Group, Inc.Controller