Did you miss John Sarkisian?

John Sarkisian shares the good, the bad and the ugly of being an entrepreneur. Click here for a presentation summary, including some historic quotes that kept him grounded throughout his endeavors.

Greg Koch, CEO and Founder of Stone Brewing Company makes it clear.. It’s IPA, not IPO. January 14, 2016

Greg shared his “Stories of a Craft Beer Lifer” with the passion and sense of humor only he could deliver. He shared the history of craft beer as far back as 1873 in America to now. He announced that “San Diego County” is now known as the home of craft beer in America, as seen by craft beer lovers around the world. A picture worth a thousand words…GK-philosophy-v4.ppsx

Did you miss Dr. Michael R. Cunningham, Chancellor, National University System, at the November 2015 dinner?

If you missed Dr. Michael R. Cunningham, Chancellor, National University System, learn more on the impact and role NU now plays in higher education, lessons learned and what lies ahead for our community and students around the world. You may view his presentation here – Dr. Michael Cunningham, National University Presentation

Did you miss Jerry Rebel, from Jack in the Box, at the October 2015 dinner?

Jerry Rebel, CFO of Jack in the Box, spoke on the business model transformation of how to stay relevant & grow. He described the key decision points along the way including some difficult choices regarding restructuring and an early retirement offering to reduce overhead costs, while at the same time continuing to invest in the brand for the long-term during the recession. You can see his full presentation here – Jack in the Box Presentation

Did you miss John Reilly at the September 2015 dinner?

John Reilly, President of SeaWorld San Diego, presented a brief history and exciting plans to continue to introduce visitors to the beauty and life cycle of marine animals, how they are cared for and the importance of studying their behaviors.  Click here to learn more – SeaWorld Presentation.

Did you miss Mark Tomaszewicz, from PIRCH, at the June 2015 dinner?

Mark shared the story of PIRCH, a San Diego-based company exploring the intersection of joy, empathy and appliances as it expands nationally into luxury retail centers.

The talk focused on scaling the unique culture of PIRCH that serves as a catalyst for memorable human experiences.

You can explore more on PIRCH here – http://www.pirch.com/


Did you miss Garry Ridge at the May 2015 dinner?

If you missed Garry at the May dinner, learn more about the key ingredients to the WD-40 success…and it has nothing to do with the “formula.”  Click on “Belonging to a Tribe 5-1-15.”

Do you want to know what the MAP Program is up to?

Thank you to USD Career Services for sharing this video they created. We look forward to future events with you.

M.A.P. Networking Video HD from Business Executives Council on Vimeo.